Ananda PACKAGES – Ananda Spa Natural Therapy



Shirodhara+pinda massage+ Yoga Massage

Duration: 3 hrs             


This spa experience begins with the dripping of warm on the forehead an a a thorough scalp Massage releasing the  deep rooted stress and tension. The treatment continues with a warm-oil herbal  Compress massage which melts away  stubborn pain and further relaxes the muscles. The treatment is end with  Ananda signature Yoga massage leaving your  body, mind , and strip to places you have never been before , a state of Ananda .



Hot stone sauna + Ayog Massage + Fruit Facial

Duration: 3 hours           

It begins with the hot stone sauna to cleanse skin, soothe sore muscle ,release cold and tensions.Then the  Himalayan herbal massaging and stretching techniques of Ananda Signature  Ayog Massage will further relaxes your muscles and re energizes you… and finally you enjoy a refreshing , beautifying fruit facial . After this 3-hour therapy  you will be a brand new, relaxed ,more  powerful, and regal-looking.



Hot stone sauna + Arom Massage + Hot stone Massage

Duration: Two and Half hours                  


Many believe this treatment prevents illness and promotes healing and wellness by balancing the body, mind , and  strip. Many have found relief from aches and pains and even jet leg with these treatments .your stress evaporates  when exposed to a hot stone sauna which also expels the toxins of modern life. Then an Aromatherapy oil massage  that erases residual tension followed by a Everest hot stone massage that goes deeper than muscles tissue to clarify  blockages and balance energy lines. Smooth , round heated stones are placed on strategic points of the body to melt   away knots , tension ,and stress while additional stones are applied to massage away pain, promote, harmony, balance and peace.



Pedicure + Menicure + Body Scrub + Arona massage + Facial 

Duration : Three and half hours          


This therapy takes you to a new level of delight for Three and half hours. After cleaning and trimming of nails, the Skin is exfoliated with a body scrub using the natural product ; you will revel in the delicious sensations of a full- body  Aromatherapy Massage . Once your body feels young and alive, your face is pampered with a fresh fruit facial, the  ultimate beauty treatment .

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